Fable Creation ~ Creative Writing Exercises

In our wonderful Creative Writing class, we were discussing fables. As an exercise, Mr. Tuttle (for whom this blog is named) asked us to pair up and write the moral of a fable on a piece of paper, which we then passed to the group on our left. With new morals in hand, each of our groups wrote the fable for the other group’s moral.
These are the results (in order of passing, so the group before the fable wrote the moral):


By Laura Goodrich and Matthew Pope

Winter was approaching, and all the woodland was preparing. Mr. Squirrel considered his humble burrow and decided he would expand his dwelling so he might store more nuts to comfortably last the icy months. He cleared out the leaves that made his floor, scratched away at the walls, and cleared out the dirt. As he took a moment to rest outside his cave, Sir Sparrow passed by, his mouth full of worms.
“How clever of you,” he said with a wink, “You’ve widened your stores to hold more food, I am off myself to gather more.”
The squirrel thanked him for his visit and returned to his work. Yet all too soon, the snows fell, hiding all the nuts he might have stored.

Time wasted can never be returned

By Madelyn, Holly, and Jared

Once there was a man who really really wanted to be king. So he bribed the necessary people and some extra just to be safe. Eventually, his dream was realized and [made] many already wealthy people even more wealthy. From thenceforth, he was known as the kingdom’s most benevolent ruler.

He who serves himself may benefit his fellows

Two Mice and the Blind Cat
By Jen Kurtz and Jaren J.

Once there were two mice who lived in a barn. Nightly, they made a game of hiding from the blind cat that prowled the premises. As one hid in the hay bale, the other bravely stood atop a box. The mouse upon the box was feeling particularly facetious and waited for the cat to cry out, “Where are you?” to which he replied, “You’ll never find me in the hay bale!” with a snicker. The cat, being too blind to see the hay bale, turned in the direction of the voice and pounced upon the facetious mouse atop the box.

Don’t speak unless you have something intelligent to say

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